Mayamy Brow Soap 15g

$39.95 $19.98

Effortlessly create natural and perfectly groomed eyebrows with Mayamy Brow Soap. Ideal for all hair types (even the most coarse and misbehaving brows) this all day eyebrow styler will help you create natural and bushy or upswept and glossy brows. Each hair will look visually denser, healthier and lifted from the very root.


  • Create natural, bushy, upswept or glossy brows
  • Total flexibility of hairs
  • Ability to lift hairs from the very root and adjust the direction of their growth
  • Each hair looks visually denser
  • Eyebrows look denser and healthier
  • Cranberry Aroma

1. Spray a little amount of water on a brush
2. Bend the brush to a convenient angle for styling
3. Scrape enough eyebrow soap with the brush
4. Thoroughly comb the eyebrows to distribute evenly the soap
5. Shape the eyebrows in the desired direction and let them dry